Mr Ashok Sawhney

An entrepreneur, industry leader, opinion maker, philanthropist, poet and author…


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Suman Sawhney

Suman Sawhney was both the force and inspiration behind Mr Ashok Sawhney’s social welfare projects …

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Aman Sawhney

Managing Director of AAA Products Pvt Limited. He has a flair for strategic and investment planning, acomplished golfer…

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Anuradha Sawhney

She makes positive contributions to the Foundation through her social work network by spreading awareness and garnering support

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Anuj Sawhney

He is a Director of Swiss Military Consumer Products a company listed on Bombay Stock Exchange. Speed biker, actor & physical fitness enthusias…

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Ashita Sawhney

She is passionate about empowering women and children.


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Support Team

Major General Umong Sethi, AVSM, VSM (Veteran)

Major General Umong Sethi is Advisor (Strategic Plans). Besides military, he has experience in the field of Skill Development and working with NGO. Having been associated with Strategic think tanks, made significant contributions to the discourse on National Security, Safe and Smart Cities. He assists the Foundation in conceiving, planning and execution of initiatives for social good.

Vijay Kalra

Vijay is a pillar of strength to the Sawhney Foundation. He is a trained Charter Accountant. A crucial member of core group that conceives and plans all initiatives of the Foundation. Besides, oversight functions and looking after the financial affairs, he provides all the backend and logistical support to the Foundation.