Suman Sawhney

(October 18,1947 to March 29,2023)

Suman Sawhney was both the force and inspiration behind Mr Ashok Sawhney’s social welfare projects. Her strong values and shared belief with her spouse actualised their life’s philosophy that wealth is to be used to wipe a few tears and empower those left behind. She had imbibed strong family values and in her own very special way promoted Indian culture and way of life.

She was an avid reader. Books were her constant companion. An environmentalist, devoted her energies to promote green living. She grew and nurtured diverse plants, flowers and vegetables. Her deep knowledge and understanding about each variety were truly amazing! She generously shared farm produce to promote healthy lifestyle and consumption of health-giving foods.

Suman was a connoisseur of art and exclusive collectors’ items. Her collection displayed deep understanding of cultures and respect for their distinct identity. She had a knack to preserve and display these to enhance each article’s appeal that impelled the viewer to know more about origin and linkages.

She took active part in planning and execution of all activities of Sawhney Foundation. She was a founder trustee of the Foundation. Sawhney Healthcare Centre was born out of her desire to provide quality healthcare to the left behind sections of the society. Old Age Home, Suman Sawhney Healthcare Centre and Multi-skill vocational Centre all stand as tribute to her ideals, dedication to the cause of working for the weaker sections and motivation to create such a facility.