Transform social attitudes towards the uncared-for elderly by creating an enabling environment to facilitate a life of dignity in a caring and sensitive atmosphere.

Propagate wellness in the society by providing affordable healthcare and promoting healthy living.

Promote endeavours to create a world where youth lead fulfilling and rewarding lives by becoming self-sufficient and contribute positively to the community.



Sawhney Foundation is a social initiative to empower youth, provide affordable healthcare and wellness to the left-behind and make available dignified living for the uncared elderly in a welcoming and sensitive environment.

The Foundation endeavours are: –

  • Vridhashram is a home for abandoned senior citizens. Besides catering for free amenities like boarding, lodging, medical care, premium is placed on providing a decent, dignified life among similarly placed seniors in friendly environment.
  • Suman Sawhney Healthcare Centre provides free OPD for all patients. Free diagnostic investigations are made available to those below the poverty line. Investigations for others are available at rates that compare favourably with other service providers.
  • Empower youth in association with National Skill Development Council (NSDC) affiliated partners by providing state of the art facilities and a learning friendly environment to conduct National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) aligned courses to make them employable. 



  • Passion to serve the society with zeal and enthusiasm.
  • Respect for fellow beings without prejudice to gender, colour, creed or class.
  • Innovation to improve quality of services by imbibing best practices and newer technologies.
  • Integrity is the cornerstone and drives intent, purpose and actions. Transparency in dealings and adhering to compliances is a way of working.
  • Collaboration with civil society organizations, governments and others who share vision and goals.

Philosophy that Guides Operations

Organize, Execute and Serve in quest for enduring change in the society.


Partner with those who are credible, have good organisation and have proven track record. Associate to encourage them to sustain and deepen their work.


Utilise services of a core team having expertise to efficiently sustain and scale up operations with a view to significantly enhance reach and quality of service over time.


Design and develop special initiatives that synergistically bring together a number of partners, private and government agencies to achieve change in the society.