Genesis of
Sawhney Foundation

The world isn’t the same for everyone around us. There’re some blessed ones who’re fortunate enough to live a comfortable life, without much of complaints. And then, there are ones who are tad less fortunate. Circumstances, fate & a few other unexpected factors push them towards a life, dotted with complaints.

Luckily, there are souls in our society, who take upon themselves to lessen the discomfort of such people. After scaling heights of success, they believe, it’s their duty to extend a helping hand towards the ones facing uncomfortable times in their lives. And they do so, with the firm belief that it’s the will and work of god. The almighty has chosen them to lessen the agony of a few souls around them, in whichever significant way, they can do so.

This was the belief that laid the foundation stone of Sawhney Foundation. Spread over more than 3000 sq. yds., Sawhney Foundation was started in the year 2016. Vridhashram, a sanctuary for the senior citizens, was the first initiative of Sawhney Foundation. Over the years, a few more initiatives were added and the range of causes was widened.

Every initiative of the foundation rests on a single premise. The ardent desire of the founding members to give back to society and do their bit in making the world at large a little better place, is the strong premise of the foundation.

Here, on this platform, an effort has been made to narrate the story of this foundation, from its inception till today.