Future Projects

The Foundation’s efforts over the years have been recognised by several organisations and institutions of repute. Inspired by these recognitions and guided by the urge to usher in a better life for the marginalised section, Sawhney Foundation plans to give shape to the following in the near future.

(A). Make the Foundation & its initiatives self-sustainable. Develop and facilitate a process that makes the Foundation sustain its initiatives without the help from the outside world. This will empower the several initiatives, helping them continue independently.

(B). The Foundation plans to scale-up the current on-going initiatives. With a better and bigger infrastructure under construction, the Foundation aims to accommodate and touch more lives in a meaningful way, in the near future.

(C). An orphanage for boys is the next initiative that is being planned under the umbrella of Sawhney Foundation. The plan is to make the homeless orphan boys from the underprivileged section of the society find a safe, secure and ethical shelter.

(D). A Hospital is also underway. The hospital will serve the needy and will offer them good care and treatment in the most professional manner.