Aashirwad Special
Education School

Not every child born in the world is gifted with sound mental health. There are some who are differently abled and aren’t similar to the majority of the children. These children have special needs and require love, care & a different teaching methodology.

Sawhney Foundation in association with Aashirwad Foundation of India has given shape to a facility dedicated to the education of such special children. Aashirwad Special Education School imparts education to the differently abled children, who are often overlooked by the society and shoved to a corner.

The students of this school are offered education in groups along with individual attention basis their age & abilities. The educational curriculum includes several activities of popular interest like drawing, colouring, stitching beads etc. A team of well-qualified and well trained professionals and teachers are helping around 150 students acquire education through an exclusively designed curriculum. This curriculum is in turn part of a bigger project designed with inputs from a team of teachers, doctors, psychologists & occupational therapists.

The school has a constructed area of 1430 sq.ft that houses 8 classrooms with well-thought infrastructure for 40 students. In addition, there’s a 520 sq.ft. library with more than 500 books and a recreational area of the same size. Also, a van is available at the school, for the pick and drop of the students.

Here’s a quick look at the amenities available at the school.

  • Free Lunch & Drinking Water
  • Special education classes
  • Indoor & Outdoor Games
  • Pick & Drop
  • Medical Care
  • Physiotherapy, Speech & Sensor Therapies
  • Assessment, guidance & counselling
  • Skill development