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Genesis of
Sawhney Foundation

The world isn’t the same for everyone around us. There’re some blessed ones who’re fortunate enough to live a comfortable life, without much of complaints. And then, there are ones who are tad less fortunate. Circumstances, fate & a few other unexpected factors push them towards a life, dotted with complaints.


Often, we tend to overlook a few sections of people around us. The reasons behind the same might vary. But the truth is, there’re a few sections of our society who end up feeling neglected, humiliated and at times forgotten.

At times, they are the elderly ones who had seen better times in their lives. And at other times, it’s the children who’re differently-abled. Unfortunately, they’re often insensitively considered as inferior to other children. Also, there are many women who didn’t get enough opportunities to further their career interests.

Sawhney Foundation believes in reaching out to these marginalised sections of the society. With an objective to facilitate a just & sustainable community, the Foundation supports projects across India, to transform as many unfortunate lives as possible.

The Foundation coordinates with partner NGOs, SHGs & Government Agencies to create economically sustainable opportunities, improving public health & inspire civic engagement. Here, the idea is to combine the energies of partner organisations & further the reach of the initiatives, improving their efficacy.


Within just 30 minutes of drive from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, there’s an oasis for the senior citizens of our society. Located in a serene & pollution-free locale, Vridhashram by Sawhney Foundation is a home away from home for some unfortunate senior citizens. The Foundation’s efforts focus on establishing a bond amongst all the residents and helping them in finding company within the premises of the facility. No wonder, every resident of Vridhashram feels to be the part of a large family.

Aashirwad Special Education School

Not every child born in the world is gifted with sound mental health. There are some who are differently abled and aren’t similar to majority of the children. These children have special needs and require love, care & a different teaching methodology.

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