How it Started

He stood in the midst of desolate bushes of Rangpuri attired in a well-fitting though worn-out black suit during receding summer of Delhi, completely oblivious of the surroundings. There was something magnetic about his persona. He exuded an air of dignity despite his frail frame and advanced age. He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he missed even noticing the noisy small group that had arrived there in cars.

Among the group was Ashok Sawhney who arrived to survey his property. He felt compelled to reach out to the man in black suit. The man taken aback by the politeness and warmth opened up laying bare his travails. He narrated that he was a senior functionary who took very good care of his family as all fathers do. Post retirements his children duped him of all his savings and left him to fend for himself. His wife departed a sad and disillusioned soul. He wandered aimlessly as if carrying the burden of life somehow wanting it to get over quickly! He narrated an Urdu couplet, “Jinpe nisar ki thi zamane ki nementen, unhine ne mujhe kafan kaat kar diya.” (For those I gave my blood and sweat, they gave me even the last cloth to cover my dead body after cutting it).

This had a lasting impact on Ashok Sawhney and he resolved build at the same very property an Old Age Home.

After visiting many old age homes, interacting with NGOs working for the welfare of the old and destitute, a vision to create an Old Age Home started taking shape. Motivation and inspiration form luminaries strengthened his resolve further. Ashok Sawhney donated land measuring approximately 3000 square meters and invested his own wealth to create a facility located in a quiet, calm, pollution free peaceful, environment. Special attention was paid to create an atmosphere wherein the senior citizens from different strata of the society feel ‘at home and cared for.’


Environment. It is an oasis for the senior citizens. Located in serene, pollution free environment of Rangpuri Pahari is Vridhashram by Sawhney Foundation. Vridhashram, is curated to spread joy of ageing. The Foundations’ efforts focus on developing a bond among residents so that they find family, company and support among themselves. They discover freedom from pain and suffering as they sit in small groups in the beautiful lawns. Slowly the wounds left by years of neglect are getting healed by dignity with which they are cared for!

Accommodation. Fully furnished rooms with beds, mattresses, bed covers, lockers, curtains and room coolers are considered beyond necessities by those at the facility. Ample natural light, ventilation make the rooms comfortable. Every room opens into the lawn situated in the centre of the facility. Separate toilet facilities are available for ladies and gentlemen.

Food. Food is cooked in a clean and hygienic conditions by a trained cook. A dinning hall with seating adjoins the kitchen. Clean, filtered water is available. Menu is carefully planned to cater for the needs of elderly. Special diet prescribed   on medical advice, is also catered for.

Recreation and Entertainment. Library spread over 520 Square feet. with more than 500 books is available for use of residents. In addition, an indoor hall with Chess, Carom, Ludo, Card games is available. Meditation and yoga sessions are organised by experts. Many volunteers and social organisations conduct visits to interact and entertain residents.

Medical Facilities. Help Age India and other philanthropic organisations conduct periodic medical camps to provide care and medicines.  With establishment of Suman Sawhney Healthcare Centre within the complex quality and delivery of healthcare will improve further. To take care of emergencies a vehicle is always stand by to rush the patients to nearby hospitals.

Last Rights. Dignified last rights are ensured as per beliefs if the kin do not care to take the remains or choose to remain oblivious.


To assist the residents there is trained and responsive staff led by an able manager.  The staff takes care of administration, security details. They are trained and equipped to handle emergencies.

Manager: Prashant Kumar Rai

Mobile No: +918700685151/+919717296297


Location: Khasra Nos. 328/4, 505, 1093, 1094, 1095, situated in Village Malikpur Kohi alias Rangpuri, Tehsil Mehrauli, New Delhi – 110037.


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