Home Care

A special diet regime needs to be followed when it comes to feeding the old aged people. At SAWHNEY FOUNDATION we take care of this fact and put forward the best diet that suits old age. A balanced diet provided in a way that perfectly benefits these people, and which is rich in Calcium, Proteins & Vitamins and Low on Fat. Green vegetables and adequate milk is provided too, for a fit and healthy living of our people.


We understand the significance of hygiene and it reflects in our services. We maintain a very regular routine in order to have good hygienic conditions, diapers are regularly changed, bedsheets and blankets are properly cleaned and consistently changed. RO water system is installed so thedrinking water is pure. The hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen is also taken care of really well. A clean and homely atmosphere is provided for our elderly.


Our staff consists of highly dedicated people who are sensitive, and sentimental towards the old aged and they take care of them like their own family. They are all inspired by Sh. Ashok Sawhney in serving these old people with love and affection.


We have TVs set up, recreation hall and garden etc. in the Ashram which is for these people. Festivals of all religion are celebrated with enthusiasm and excitement.